Connecting to Klaytn

MetaMask browser extension

Step 1 In your unlocked MetaMask wallet, click the network dropdown at the top.

Step 2 Select Add Network.

Step 3 Fill in the details as below and click Save.


Network Name: Klaytn Mainnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 8217 Currency Symbol: KLAY Block Explorer URL:


Network Name: Klaytn Baobab New RPC URL: Chain ID: 1001 Currency Symbol: KLAY Block Explorer URL:

Step 4 Klaytn is now added to your MetaMask wallet!

Important: SPECIFICALLY FOR METAMASK you must set both the Max Priority Fee to 250 GWEI and the Max Fee to 250 GWEI or else your transactions will fail for both "approve" and "deposit." Ignore the warning messages. This is not an issue for other wallets. Detailed below:

To save the 250 GWEI setting for every transaction, head into your Metamask settings and go under "Experimental" and turn Enable Enhanced Gas Fee UI on.

When performing a transaction on Klap, select "Advanced" and save the gas fee as 250 GWEI in both fields

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