Farming / Ve

One of the core functionalities of the Klap token is the ability to lock it in the system for a set amount of time to receive additional utility.

To vote lock, go to

Here you can choose how much KLAP to lock and how long to lock it for. This amount is completely up to you, but note that a longer lock time gives you proportionally more veKLAP. After selecting these values, click approve and confirm your transaction with your desktop wallet. Then click lock and approve that transaction too.

veLP is a user option to lock liquidity on KLAP. Go to

Enter an amount of KLAP or KLAY you want to lock into the KLAP/KLAY liquidity pool. After entering one value, the other value will be automatically calculated according to a 50/50 ratio. Select your slippage tolerance (slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed) and approve the transaction and confirm on your desktop wallet. Then click lock and approve that transaction too.

Both your veKLAP and veLP info will be on the bottom of the screen at the same page (link)

You will be able to see your amount locked, expiry, and KLAP / veLP earned.


Go to to participate in staking.

Enter the amount of KLAP/KLAY you want to provide as liquidity as well as the slippage. See the data values on the page for more info.

You can also deposit your LP tokens. Click Expand on the right of Deposit LP tokens.

Enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to deposit and approve and confirm the transaction.

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