One of the utilities of veKLAP is the ability to vote on pool emissions and direct (or reduce) KLAP token emissions to specific pools. User voting determines the amount of incentives for both supplying an asset (depositing) and borrowing an asset. For example, depositing USDC yields x APR, and borrowing it yields y APR. User voting can can change the USDC deposit yield to (x+1) apr and (y+2) APR if they direct their votes towards it.

After locking your KLAP into veKLAP, go to

Here you can see all the pools to cast your emissions vote to. Select the pool you would like to direct emissions to and slide the slider to change the percent of your vote. For example: here 33% of voting power is directed to emissions for lending KLAY, 33% to borrowing KLAY, 33% for lending DAI, and 1% for borrowing DAI. Ensure these numbers add up to 100% of your vote!

Finally, select Cast Your Votes to submit the new weights.

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